Book Review: ‘Invisible Kingdom: Vol 2’ by G. Willow Wilson & Christian Ward

Writer: G. Willow Wilson

Illustrator: Christian Ward

Originally Published by Dark Horse Comics in 2019/20

Review by Miriam Atkinson

Volume Two: Edge of Everything (Issues 6-10)

Set a few weeks after the events of Volume One, Vess, Grix and the crew of the Sundog are hiding at the edge of the solar system. After a failed trip to Vess’ home planet Rool the crew are captured by raiders. To escape Grix must rely on two Lux traders for help – but can anyone be trusted? At the same time Vess is forced to choose between her own feelings and desires and the path to the Invisible Kingdom.

I was delighted to see that the use of colour as a storytelling device was continued from Walking the Path into Edge of Everything. In Volume Two colour is used to show otherness or ‘outsider-ness’. Vess’ home of Rool features a soft sea foam and mint green colour palette. Vess’ red robes put her visually in stark contrast with the world around her thus showing that she no longer fits in with her home and her people. Another example of this contrast is the solid black Lux ships which stand out clearly against the beautiful glittering colours of outer space. This void of colour shows the reader that it is the Lux who are out of place and do not belong in a free and colourful solar system.

Invisible Kingdom is set in a unique solar system with four planets and multiple moons. With so much potential for stories, I was pleased that Volume Two was set in new locations – such as Rool and the scrap junkyard. The addition of the new locations made the world of Invisible Kingdom feel more alive and real, as well as helping to expand my knowledge and understanding of the different dynamics of this solar system. I’m curious to see if we continue to get more new locations in the final instalment of the series.

Edge of Everything also expands upon a few of its side characters, in particular Eline. Grix’s on/off lover, Eline spent a lot of Walking the Path citing rules to the rest of the crew. In Volume Two she plays a key role in retaking the Sundog and it was fun to see a more devious and calculating side to her.

Ultimately Invisible Kingdom’s second volume is a great follow up to the first. It brings back everything great about Walking the Path – particularly the characters and the concepts whilst also expanding upon and bringing a greater depth to what the reader already knows about this world.

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