Update 4: All Older Reviews Uploaded

Older Reviews

I’m very excited to announce that all of my older reviews have now been edited and uploaded to the Lair of Reviews!

As a student I wrote over 30 articles and reviews for an online magazine called ‘Cuckoo Review’, which has since closed down. It was a wonderful experience and I’m pleased that I can now share all of those reviews here on this site.

The older reviews can all be identified by a line of text at the end which indicates when the review was first written. For example:

*This review was first published in the online magazine Cuckoo Review in August 2017*

New Reviews

Now that my old reviews have found a home it is time to work on new content.

My initial plans are to create reviews based around the science fiction genre which is currently the emptiest category on this site. Then I plan on delving into my favourite genre: Fantasy.

I still plan to write lots more book reviews (I love books in case you hadn’t guessed) but I’m hoping to increase the amount of film reviews and start a new category for television shows.

The picture of a female cuckoo bird used for the menu’s thumbnail image for this update is from ‘rspb.org.uk’

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